The firm endeavours to ensure that its fees remain reasonable and acceptable to clients at all times. Similarly, the firm seeks to maintain flexibility in relation to the method of calculating fees, which can range from calculating the fees on a "time spent" basis with a value review on the completion of each matter, to agreeing on scale fees or a fixed fee in relation to an agreed comprehensive scope of work.

The charge rates for the firm's lawyers are largely based on their standing and experience and compare very favourably against those of larger Malaysian as well as international firms.

Prior to the commencement of any matter, the confirmation of the client will be sought in respect of the scope of work at hand, applicable rates and agreed method of calculating the fees, unless other arrangements are in place.

In respect of non contentious and conveyancing work, we adhere to the Solicitors Remunerations Order 2005.

The firm does also on occasion enter into retainer based arrangements.


The firm is presently insured in the sum of RM10.0 million under the Malaysian Bar's Scheme of Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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