Our Office

We have been operating from our current premises since February 2003. We have taken pains to ensure that our office provides a full range of facilities and amenities for the benefit of our staff and clientele. With multiple conference rooms, projection facilities, network access throughout the firm and 24 hour air- conditioning, we believe that we have set the right environment for our clients and lawyers to work and effectively conduct meetings, whether to discuss strategy, finalise contractual documentation or conduct negotiations with the other side.


We have a well-stocked library, with practically all major texts relating to our core practice areas. We subscribe to both local and foreign law journals in order to stay up to date with the legal developments in our core practice areas. We have also subscribed to several on-line legal research and news services, including CLJ On-Line & Commonwealth Law reference, which can also be accessed by all our lawyers from their very own desktops. These supplement their access to our other legal materials which are centrally available on CD-ROM.

Information Technology

The firm has an extensive information technology set-up.

Every lawyer and staff member of the firm (over thirty) has a personal computer, which is connected to our central servers via a high speed broadband network. Every lawyer has access to both the Internet and e-mail from their own desktops, while staff members have local e-mail access. The firm has put in place broadband Internet access as well as backup dial-up access in the event of broadband access failure.

Firm-wide wireless network access enables our lawyers to pull up files from the server no matter where they are in the firm be it in Kuala Lumpur office.

The firm’s IT infrastructure is centered on two servers located in a secure and 24 hour air-conditioned server room. Each server is connected to its own Uninterruptible Power Supply and is backed up daily to prevent hardware damage and loss of data, respectively. Further, security systems such as a biometric hand scanner at the entrance of the firm and digital security cameras have also been installed in order to ensure the safety of the firm, staff and files.

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